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21st century training for 21st century professionals.
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Training. Transformed.

21mill’s expertise is helping world-class organizations make their training applicable and engaging within an ever evolving workforce. Do your Learning & Development programs need an improvement?


Curriculum Designed For  Next Generation Professionals

We reimagined training to ensure 21st century professionals use, apply and enjoy it. 21mill's Curriculum is packed with informative content delivered through a medium relevant in today’s digital world.

  • Mobile Friendly - Downloadable Apple & Android app
  • Easily Applicable - Clearly integrates into work
  • Micro-lessons - Bite sized lessons to keep learners engaged
  • Collaborative - Social & Interaction Portal
  • Modern - Relevant topics and contemporary media
  • Feedback Focused - Aligned virtual coaching from 21mill navigators

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Learning & Development Matters

Poor training practices have negative impacts across organizations large and small. Investing in Learning & Development for your employees shows it's return in a variety of areas.


The #1 factor emerging generations consider when starting a new job is sufficient training.


80% of the emerging generations say an emphasis on personal growth is the most important quality of a company's culture.


71% of the emerging generations who are likely to leave an organization within 2 years are dissatisfied with how their leadership skills are being developed.

*The 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey. Deloitte 2016,

Be The Hero Your Employees Deserve

Every person deserves to work for a great company.
Great companies require great training.
And great training starts here!

Ready to see what next generation training looks like? Take our content for a test drive. Create a profile and start exploring 21mill’s approach to L&D today. If you have questions before testing the technology set an appointment to talk with one of our 21mill specialists.


Professional Growth & Career Development

Next generation professionals expect to get the soft-skill training they desire on the job. Skills development has become more important than ever. Great training has now become an expectation of employment.


8 Solutions to Common
"Old School" Training Mistakes

Does your organization struggle with training emerging professionals?
These little-known secrets can help:

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21mill in the News

Check out the media from our exceptional team of leaders. 21mill’s partners are recognized as being experts in the field with lots of exposure on how to drive the success of next generation professionals.

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