Curriculum Built for
21st Century Professionals

21mill’s courses are designed for emerging professionals at all points in their careers, from just starting a professional journey, to those getting ready for a leadership role. All courses are supported by 21mill’s navigators and developed to be short, sweet and highly impactful.

Our 4-Steps To Ensure Learning Application

Step #1 - An engaging 10-15 minute micro-learning lesson.

Step #2 - Reflective questions that help bring the learning to life.

Step #3 - A homework assignment that enforces learning
back at work.

Step #4 - A journal entry that summarizes the learning experience and puts plans in place for future incorporation.

All of 21mill’s courses are included with the purchase of a valid subscription. With 60-current courses available and courses being added all the time, 21mill’s learners stay on the cutting edge of of their development.

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Why 60 Modules?

A common theme we hear from organizations is less is more. Prior to creating the 21mill curriculum we spoke to hundreds of organizations about their needs in developing young professionals. We then distilled the most common themes and created a powerful curriculum to address those needs in the way Millennials learn. Instead of hundreds of general use courses that may or may not apply, 21mill is the preeminent curriculum of curated Millennial topics.