Why Are Millennials So Distracted During Meetings?

Millennials continue to get razzed for having their heads always buried in their phones. If you’re managing a Millennial, you can probably understand how frustrating it can be during the middle of a meeting. Those finger flicks and swipes can make the blood boil of even the most patient and zen-like manager.

Millennials Top Brands, Apps, Websites and More

Technology and the internet have created new behaviors and inspired new values that have never before existed, especially for the Millennial generation, which grew up in a high-tech and hyper-connected world. The flood of Millennials into the marketplace has left many leaders, marketers, and organizations scrambling to better understand today’s largest generation. But it’s not that hard, it’s just different. So here’s some much-needed context around this emerging generation so you can get your head in the game.

Here’s How to Manage Your Millennial Employees — Brilliantly

In the not-so-distant past, work was confined to a building. Work was executed at a desk bound to a physical location.

If you asked someone who was in their car and on the road between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. where they were going, the most likely response was probably “work.” Work once was a specific location.

Five Reasons Millennials Aren’t Answering Your Phone Call

Texting has overtaken phone calls as the most popular mobile function on our mobile devices, across all generations, according to mobile research agency Reality Mine. And Millennial women use texting/SMS three times more often than calling. That’s a lot of people using texting to communicate.